Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 00 - Welcome

Friends. This is the seventh annual tribute I've done to Star Trek fan production under the banner of The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas and, unless I can find a suitable successor, it will be my last. Doing them has given me far more than I have put into it - it has forced me into attempting projects and productions that I would never otherwise have even considered doing! It has brought me in contact with a large section of creative people who are, by-and-large, pretty damn nice to know!

However all things have their season and this year must be my last.

Before I was a producer or a publisher or any of the grand, illusory titles I've worn. I was an amateur writer, voice actor, artist... I was a creator of works rather than a project manager bringing the works of others to a wider audience and it is time I did so once again. I turn sixty next year and I feel that it is time for me to work the plot-bunnies out of my own system! My children are now out in the world creating their own legends, I have a wife who deserves an attentive husband now that there are only two of us and, frankly, I need to put my money where my mouth is to prove that fan production can be a viable introduction to the creative arts.

Because, believe me, I am passionate in that belief.

I have had the privilege of watching as groups and individuals have taken their love of their fandom, in our case Star Trek in all it's guises, and have created something that has added to the fictional universe, the fanon that we as fans have created to extend on and embellish the world and characters that capture our hearts and minds. It has covered all media and genres, from comedy and romance to horror and tragedy.

Some has been superb and some has been cringeworthy but in all cases it came from the heart. When they have persevered these amateur creators have developed and blossomed, built on the experience of what they have done and advise and feedback of others. Some have remained amateurs, they remain true to the original sense of the word as being someone who does it for love. Others have used their work as a portfolio, a part of their resume or showreel, and gone on to join the ranks of the professionals we all admire.

Never be ashamed of sharing your heart, your love, your passion for it is this that lifts us up from our lives of common drudgery to the stars.

I am in the process of discharging my existing commitments to TrekUnited Publishing and working with others to ensure a continuation of the quality fan fiction publishing we have started over the past two years. This year I am making our work the backbone of the presents that I am laying before you. Twelve blogs linking to free fan productions, some old, some new releases posted on the traditional twelve days of Christmas between Christmas and Twelfth Night.

Beyond that there could be a few surprises, in the past I've talked the talk but not walked the walk, I don't want to do that again! However I've pulled a rabbit out of a hat before now, I might do it again!

Docking clamps disengaged!

Helmsman! Lay a course for 2014!


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