Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 05 - Graphic Novels

If comics had a hard time gaining respectability, graphic novels have come full circle and are now knocking at the door of 21st century popular culture.

Although Michael Cavna rants that graphic novels should be accepted as books in schools, frankly, the graphic novel can transcend the book because of the addition of another artistic component, the graphic element, which can allow the graphic novel to go one step further than the limitations of the written word. Consider how George Orwell's Animal Farm used anthropomorphic characters to tell a blatantly political parable in Animal Farm. Then consider how Art Spiegelman uses that same device in his graphic novel Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History. Just as Animal Farm won critical acclaim in its time, so has Maus with a Pulitzer Award. Will 'Maus' be studied as a classic in years to come as Animal Farm is now?

Even if they are not recognised as literary giants, many are already pop culture icons. Look at a list of the top fifty graphic novels and count how many have been made into films, in fact many authors specifically create their graphic novels as a treatment for a TV or movie deal. In fan production circles, graphic novels have been seen as adding value to other productions since the ill-fated Star Trek: Phase II The Illustrated Adventures. Star Trek; Starfinder is the latest, backing up their audio drama and prose series with a three issue graphic novel arc which is to be followed up by another in the new year.

One of the mainstays of TrekUnited Publishing has been Madison Bruffy's graphic novel series Nova Trek which features another Kirk as the captain of another Enterprise in a universe subtly different from the one you are used to watching on TV and movies...

An omnibus edition of the first two issues of Nova Trek: A TOS Series set in a parallel universe. In this universe, the Federal Starship Enterprise is commanded by Janet Kirk- James' older sister. Being the first woman to command a starship, Jan not only has to deal with Renagade Andorians, but a madman's alteration of the timeline as well! From Starship battles to the Guardian of Forever and beyond, the Omnibus is an introduction to a universe one step away from the one you knew. Contains issue 1, "Gains & Losses”, issue 2, “Guardian's Child” and bonus material. 165 p. US Letter

A non-canon TOS era graphic novel: written by MD Bruffy. Jan and Tamera Kirk return to 1978 and work with two old acquaintances to stop agents from the future from making a change to Earth history that could stop Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets from ever getting started! 91 p. US Letter

As events move closer to war with the Romulans, the FSS Enterprise takes on a new helmsman- an old classmate of Jan's with a tragic past. Created by MDBruffy- a fan produced graphic novel.

The first of a three part story arc within Nova Trek: Captain Janet Kirk must make a decision that could affect the fate of not just the Federal Union of Planets but the entire known galaxy! Who should she trust? The Romulan commander who offers to betray the Star Empire in the name of peace or the man from another reality who wears a face from her past. 72p. US Letter

Part two of MD Bruffy's three part Nova Trek story arc: War comes to the Union. With the Federal Union of Planets on the brink of interstellar war with the Romulan Star Empire, can Captain Janet Kirk raise the alarm in time or will the Romulans storm across the Neutral Zone to final victory? Watch out for the surprise guest stars! 59p. US Letter. 

Part three of MD Bruffy's Nova Trek trilogy: Captain Janet Kirk and the FSS Enterprise are all that stands between a massive Romulan fleet and a quadrant unprepared for war! Aid is coming but will it reach them before they pay the ultimate sacrifice? 129p. US Letter

MD Bruffy's Nova Trek series continues in pdf paperback!
Following the events in "A Tale of Two Captains", Commander Kang finds himself in a position to complete the alliance with the Union that Chancellor Gorkon wants. But Klingon Ambassador Kochon is dead set against it.
Kang has fought and won many battles in his years of service to the Empire. Can he survive this one long enough to complete his mission- or will his own people be the death of him? 74p 'A' Mass Market Paperback format

Madison Bruffy continues his Star Trek fan fiction graphic novel series with NovaTrek 8, Special Report. In eight stories covering a sixteen month period following the events in "A Tale of Two Captains", the Enterprise has returned to Earth and a hero's welcome. With the ship undergoing repairs, Jan and company must deal with issues and conflicts both personal and public while they await the ship's relaunch. 132p US Letter graphic novel

Tam's first mission aboard the Georgetown could be her last as the crew discovers a world where the natives are frozen in time. Can the crew free them or will they become trapped themselves? This story takes place during the events of Nova Trek: Special Report. 90p 'A' Mass Market Paperback format

M.D. Bruffy returns with the ninth graphic novel in his epic series, Nova Trek. For Twenty-two years, the fate of the FSS Sundown and her crew has been a mystery. Now, two years into the Second Romulan War, solving that mystery is only part of the story...186p US Letter graphic novel

For more artwork by Madison, browse his deviantART gallery.

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