Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 07 - Jespah's Enterprise

Janet Gershen-Siegel, or Jespah as she usually posts as on forums, has been a mainstay of TrekUnited right back to the beginning and has always pushed the envelope of what we can do. She has been a tireless worker, editing the adult anthologies and bringing her professional experience to spearheading the promotional campaigns that make our work visible to as wide a slice of Star Trek fandom as possible.

This isn't the only reason why I publish her work, although it is absolutely correct that someone who is an active contributor to the work of getting everyone's work out should be shown every consideration to have their own work put out. The fact of the matter is that she is a good author, technically and creatively. She writes imaginative material regularly and at length, exploring different moods and styles, she blogs on a wide variety of subjects as well as writing and she reads the work of others and comments supportively. By immersing herself in the writing community, her work has developed, gained depth and improved with the feedback of her peers.

The major Star Trek series that Janet writes in is the NX-01 Enterprise era, with original characters (OC's) mixed in with canon crew, which we used as the major theme for her covers.

Music: Phantasm from Calls and Echoes by Kai Engel

A PG-13, ENT fan fiction novel: written by J. R. Gershen-Siegel Lili has found the man of her dreams... dreams that soon become nightmares! What starts as an erotic fantasy turns into deadly danger that spans the polar opposites of good and evil. Should she trust her feelings for this lover from the Mirror Universe who haunts her sleeping hours? Can love wash the blood from his hands? 395 p. 'A' MMP format, released February 23, 2011

A PG-13, ENT fan fiction novel: written by J. R. Gershen-Siegel There are women coming to the Enterprise! Travis Mayweather proposes a friendly competition with his friends – whoever gets the girl first wins. But then the winner gets more than he bargained for, and learns just how much he can take. How much can you tolerate? 180 p. 'A' MMP format, released May 9, 2011

A new fan fiction anthology from Janet Gershen-Siegel! The Daranaeans, the only sentient marsupial species in the Milky Way galaxy, have a hierarchical society whose difficult First Contact leads to an eventual friendship. Just as they emerge from their mothers' pouches, the Daranaeans as a society, and as a species, are emerging from their Dark Ages. 276p. 'A' MMP format

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