Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 06 - Standalone Novels

Whilst we have focused on publishing series at TrekUnited Publishing, the idea is eminently suitable to publishing a standalone novel.

Retribution is a PG-13, Star Trek: The Next generation fan fiction novel by T.L.Shull set four months after the end of the Dominion War, that melds canon characters with Original Characters (OC's) to tell a dramatic and powerful tale. 290p. 'A' MMP format, released October 4, 2011.

I'm surprised there are not more video trailers for books such as the one that I have compiled above. Every book needs a promotional text - the 'blurb' that you usually see on the back cover or inside dust jacket flap - just as every book needs a cover. Get the author or a voice actor to record the promo, do a little creative video mixing and for an afternoon's work you have a book trailer for Youtube that you can embed on your website or social media like Facebook.

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